24-H OL Relay Welcome


II. “NON STOP” 24 h O-relay and individual race 2020

12 h O-relay and individual race

Welcome to the website of the Hungarian 24 hours O-relay.

Orienteering is a way of living and the 24 h relay is a unique event in the life of our sport that we can participate now every year.

In every odd years the competition is held in Germany while in the even years Hungary organizes the event. The great modification in the rules starting from 2014 is that for economic reasons 5 membered teams can also participate in the 24 relay event (1 team, 1 full car) and only 1 woman team member is required in each relay teams. We hope these modifications in the rules will result in a significant increase in the number of teams providing an even more exciting daylong competition. The 24 h relay is probably the largest challenge for an orienteering runner where toughness and strategic thinking and team spirit have equally important roles in the success. A game having an extremely strong team building strength that connects orienteering runners during this unforgettable week-end.

Besides the 24 h relay we also provide 12 h relay events for all those who would like to complete shorter distances and we provide also 24 h and 12 h individual races for the extreme fanatics.

There is nothing left now for you, just to recruit a team and send your entry quickly to get the best tent places and the best bib numbers.

We kindly wait for your participation!